School Chaplains play a vital role in supporting young people through the challenging early years. Many School Principals tell us they cannot live without them!

While some schools receive part-funding from the Government for their Chaplain, it does not cover the whole cost. Many schools receive no Government funding at all.

isave is a way that you can support the Chaplaincy program in your school and save money yourself at the same time, all without changing where you shop, where you buy your groceries or most of the things you buy every week.

Here is how it works. You take membership in isave, it only costs you $20 per year. You then gain access to savings, ranging up to 25% from major Australian retailers. Places you know and trust like Coles, Woolworths, Adairs, Cotton On, Village Cinemas and JB HiFi to name a few. When you buy your annual membership, you nominate the School Chaplaincy program you wish to support.

You make savings right away and the school gets a percentage as well. Based on average spending patterns your family could save between $800 to $1200 per year. If just 100 families at a school participate, this means the school’s Chaplaincy program will get between $8,000 to $12,000 per year, which will help ensure that your school Chaplain can continue to provide the much-needed support to children in your school.

Sound like a win-win?

To get started, just click on the box below to begin your registration. You will be able to select any school that has a Chaplain from any member of the Inspire School Chaplaincy Network.