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Chaplains have been part of the scene in some Victorian government schools since 1955, providing much need pastoral care and support to students and the wider school community.

Chaplains offer support in the areas such as peer pressure, bullying, family breakdown and many other issues faced by students today.  Generally speaking, they work as part of the school wellbeing or student support service team.

As we like to put it, School Chaplains – With You. For You.

Since the introduction of the National School Chaplaincy Program in 2007, many more schools have been able to employ the services of a School Chaplain.  However not all schools get this support and even for those do, there is often the need for additional ‘top-up’ funding.

On this website, you can discover what School Chaplains really do, get answers to some common question about the program and if you want, you can offer practical financial support for your School Chaplain.

The main way to support Chaplaincy in your local school, one is to donate directly to the service provider, thus reducing the cost to the school.

Students agree Chaplains are important: 80%
Parents believe Chaplains are important: 70%
Students agree Chaplains support their wellbeing: 81%
Parents agree: 75%
Students trust their Chaplains: 79%

What do School Chaplains do?

  • School chaplains are active in promoting student wellbeing, particularly through the provision of pastoral care.
  • School chaplains encourage reflection about the spiritual dimensions of life.
  • School chaplains have an educative role in the areas of beliefs, values, morals, ethics and religion.
  • School chaplains work as part of the school support team to facilitate connection into the school network and wider community of students who are suffering from bereavement, family breakdown or other crisis and loss situations.

The services provided by a chaplain should be appropriate to the school and student context in which he or she will operate. Within this context, chaplains will be expected to respect the range of religious views and affiliations, and cultural traditions in the school and the community, and be approachable by students of all faiths. It is not the purpose of chaplaincy services to bring about or encourage commitment to any set of beliefs.

It is important to note that school chaplains cannot provide services for which they are not qualified, for example, counselling services or psychological assessment, or medical assessment.

The key tasks of a chaplain may include facilitating access to the helping agencies in the community, both religious-based and secular, with the approval of the School Principal.

The activities undertaken by school chaplains may include, but are not limited to:

Pastoral care:

  • Providing guidance to students on issues concerning human relationships;
  • Assisting school counsellors and staff in the provision of student welfare services;
  • Providing support in cases of bereavement, family breakdown or other crisis and loss situations; and
  • Being readily available to provide continuity and on-going support for individual students and staff where this is necessary.

Spiritual guidance:

  • Supporting students who wish to explore their spirituality;
  • Providing guidance on religious, values and ethical matters; and
  • Facilitating access to the helping agencies in the community, both church-based and secular, with the approval of the School Principal.
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