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Donvale Primary School


(CCCVaT) School Support Services is a strong advocate for Chaplaincy in schools, valuing the importance of the role of Chaplains in school communities to support students, staff and families. Chaplains bring hope and light to schools, enhancing the wellbeing of students and responding holistically to the needs of the school community.

It is a privilege to serve the Donvale Primary School community in this role. I have been working with children in various capacities, including hospitals and welfare for the past 18 years and another role supporting Children and Families in the Whittlesea community. My husband and I have two children, aged 10 and 12 years old. I have spent most of my life on the stage either in dance, calisthenics, ballroom and musical theatre, so I would say ‘performing’ would be one of my biggest interests outside of work, though these days I’m spending the majority of my own time being a parent taxi service! I love children and enjoy making a difference in their lives and witnessing the positive impact this has.


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