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RyrieCCCVaT School Support Services

(CCCVaT) School Support Services is a strong advocate for Chaplaincy in schools, valuing the importance of the role of Chaplains in school communities to support students, staff and families. Chaplains bring hope and light to schools, enhancing the wellbeing of students and responding holistically to the needs of the school community.

My name is Alan Silverwood, and I have been the Chaplain at Great Ryrie PS since 2007. The Federal Government provides funds through the National School Chaplaincy Program. This provides for two days, and the third day is made possible by donations from local churches and individuals, plus fundraising by our Support Group. The Chaplaincy program is a voluntary program within our school, and it continues to be well-appreciated , as evidenced by the numbers of students and parents accessing the program, and by the school council support.

The Chaplaincy program exists to provide pastoral care across the whole school community, whatever the issues. As a Christian, I am able to provide support in matters of faith, with parent permission, as well as support in all areas of life.

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