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//Lighthouse Christian College Keysborough

Lighthouse Christian College Keysborough

Keysbourough Campus

Our chaplains are engaged to provide care, alongside of others, for the holistic wellbeing of those within the College Community. It is all about supporting and helping our young people grow in faith, character, learning and service.

The chaplains undertake a wide range of roles across our campus including:

  • Making meaningful and supportive connections with students across all campuses and year levels.
  • Providing individual care for students needing particular support when they face various challenges in their lives.
  • Organising sub-school chapel services, sharing devotions with students and staff, and attending special events such as camps and excursions.
  • Coordinating the effective follow up of students referred to them. Where appropriate, they make referrals to medical professionals, professional counselling services, youth support services and churches.
  • Leading and coordinating¬†student discipleship programs appropriate to the age and stage of each student.
  • Designing programs that help students to grow in their spirituality and resilience.
  • Coordinating the annual college days of prayer, Christian Studies days and mission trips.

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