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Korus Connect has a vision to see vibrant and connected communities where individuals and families are thriving, and people are inspired, supported and whole.

Korus has been providing Chaplaincy services to schools since 1955 and is the largest employer of Chaplains in Victoria. Our endorsed Chaplains have the highest standard of professional qualifications. Currently, we operate 260 Chaplaincy and Wellbeing programs in schools across Victoria and NSW, offering pastoral care to over 160,000 young people, school staff and their communities.

CCCVaT School Support Services(CCCVaT) School Support Services is a strong advocate for Chaplaincy in schools, valuing the importance of the role of Chaplains in school communities to support students, staff and families. Chaplains bring hope and light to schools, enhancing the wellbeing of students and responding holistically to the needs of the school community.

As a local Church committed to having local impact, Doncaster Church of Christ is excited to be able to partner with the local community and local schools to support School Chaplains in their vital work.

ECHOThanks to the national scheme introduced by the Federal Government in 2009 and now funded by the States, we have been able to place chaplains into the four local primary plus the state secondary school in our area. This has complemented our existing work in this complex area and brought about positive changes in many young lives and their families. Resulting in an enhanced sense of purpose to those suffering bereavement, recovering from broken homes and badly affected by dysfunctional relationships within the family.

To address a current controversy: – ECHO is unashamedly a Christian-based organisation. This does NOT mean we see school chaplaincy as an opportunity to proselytise the vulnerable but to fulfill our basic human desire to seek out and help the disadvantaged in our midst. We adhere to the strictest ethical guidelines in this, and every other, regard.

SUVicScripture Union Victoria’s Chaplaincy and volunteer-run programs in schools seek to build networks of support around young people, empowering them to improve their wellbeing, their community and our world. SU Victoria is a Christian movement working with children, young people and families that has run camps, holiday and school programs for over 100 years.

Lighthouse has grown to be a network of campuses, incorporating Australis Christian College in Skye, Lighthouse Christian College Keysborough, with new campuses planned in Warranwood and Point Cook in 2020.

Our chaplains are engaged to provide care, alongside of others, for the holistic wellbeing of those within the College Community. It is all about supporting and helping our young people grow in faith, character, learning and service. The chaplains undertake a wide range of roles across our campuses.