What does the community say about School Chaplains?

“When you have a chaplain, you always know there’s a soft place for kids to fall. In fact, the chaplain supports everybody in the school community. The students have someone to go to, and the parents and staff also have someone to go to.”
“The chaplain has made all new members of the community feel welcome. She has been a wonderful asset in facilitating communication between home and school. She makes home visits to ascertain the needs of parents and their children and she spends time explaining school procedures, issues and expectations to them. Regular morning teas, gardening sessions, cooking demonstrations, an open house time and ‘special’ days are organised by the chaplain to encourage parents to network. They feel supported and comfortable in the school environment.”
“Research shows spirituality is a major protective factor in the lives of young people and I think the role school chaplains play is incredibly important.”
“I have always been a strong supporter of the role of chaplains in our schools — because they make a difference. They provide an additional adult role model in the school. They help connect the school community, including parents and teachers as well as children themselves. They can arrange expert help with specific challenges, such as dealing with family breakdown, bullying, self-esteem, drugs, grief and behavioural management problems.”
“Parents are requesting the Chaplain for home visits, parenting support, to networks of other service providers and advocating for families with disabilities in all areas of community life.
Welfare issues at school are better managed through stronger connections with families. School home issues are effectively followed up and often issues which cause added hardship are resolved. Ultimately this improves connectedness and student/school relationship.”
“The school chaplains who are out there working for you and your community are doing a much tougher job than I ever had to do. We need school chaplains. They are the ‘frontline’ people who are making the difference in our young generation.”
“Daniel has been able to support the spiritual needs of the school through the relationships he forms and the programs that he operates. He focuses on bringing out the strengths in the individuals that he works within the context of home and family support, crisis support, hospital visitation and hospitality in the community. He liaises with external organisations such as Fusion, and is able to offer referrals to other counselling services.
His consistent approach to working with the whole person earns the trust of families and gives them confidence in approaching him regarding matters of spirituality. Students recognise that Daniel is someone who will listen without judgment and they often request time with him when they are feeling unsettled.”
The Chaplain’s participation in the school community remains profound. He continues to mentor some of our disengaged learners and offers assistance with alternate educational programs if needed. He continues to work as part of highly effective welfare team that provides support for all our learners.
The Chaplain is a highly valued and well respected member of our school community. He has the full support of the College Council and the College leadership executive. Further, he endears himself with the entire College community.
Competent, caring and valued member of the school community.
The Chaplain does a brilliant job with the students, staff and families that she works with showing a great deal of care for all members of our school community. There is a much greater need for support in our school community and the Chaplain is able to provide that support and also direct families to external organisations that can assist them.
The Chaplain is confidential, professional and has a very caring, kind and understanding manner with all members of the school community. There isn’t anything further I would ask the Chaplain to do; she is doing a terrific job.
The Chaplain applies herself fully into each day to ensure that she touches base with all her students, teachers and parents as required. Her programs and activities are relevant and supportive to the needs of the students.
The Chaplain has quickly become an integral member of our staff where she is always keen to get involved in the school community in any way possible. She is always professional displaying a high level of personal integrity.
The Chaplain is contributing in so many ways that it is difficult to think of any further ways she could serve and enhance the life of the school.
Overall, I am extremely happy with the program and the benefits is has brought to my school.
Parent: I just had my first interaction with the Chaplain – what a great experience that was! She has reported back to me on her meeting with [my child] and I’m so thrilled that he has some strategies and she’s been able to work through his worries with him…. I was a little reluctant to tap into this resource but really glad that I did.
The Chaplain continued to provide excellent pastoral care for our students and their families. The activities that she has provided have become an important part of the student wellbeing program at our school.
The staff members at our school see the Chaplain as a part of their team and consult her frequently regarding the well-being of their students. She has dealt with very sensitive information with confidentiality and integrity and is a highly trusted member of each team.

In support of CCCVaT as funding provider:
On behalf of the chaplaincy committee and the college community, I would like to thank CCCVaT for their generous and amazing support, not just for the Chaplain, but for the chaplaincy in schools program as a whole. Thank you for the expertise and vision you have shared with us to maintain the longevity and growth of the program. We remain eternally grateful that you came to us at such a difficult time, especially after the news that we had lost our funding for our Chaplain. We look forward to building on our relationship with all the team at CCCVaT.